We believe the development of energy infrastructure can be compatible with the protection and preservation of the natural environment, if done in a responsible manner.

We have worked to minimize the impacts and maximize the benefits our projects have upon the environment, both land and marine. To achieve this goal, detailed Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) were carried out in keeping with national and international standards. The results of these studies made it possible to understand, mitigate and compensate for the direct and secondary impacts and maximize positive opportunities.

Additionally, our projects meet all the conditions of their environmental permits, and are in full compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.

For more examples on what each project is doing to protect the environment, please visit their websites:

Energia Costa Azul
Cameron LNG


On-site Nursery

Prior to beginning construction of the Energía Costa Azul LNG terminal, Sempra LNG worked with local universities and experts in Baja California to GPS tag more than 10,200 Ferocactus (a protected species) and move them to an on-site nursery to protect and care for them during construction. Once construction was completed, the plants were replanted as close to their original position as possible.


100 Acres of New Wetlands

At Cameron LNG, Sempra LNG worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, state and federal agencies and local landowners to create new wetlands to offset the facility’s impact on nearby wetlands. The company used 4.5 million cubic yards of soil during the dredging process to create 100 acres of new wetlands.